RICA Bath + Body

freshly made organic skincare

Body butter. I just love the sound of it. The RICA Bath + Body Butter All Over was the gateway product that got me hooked on the entire collection of fresh, made-to-order organic skincare. The butter is a churned cream that cures every inch of dryness with its shea goodness. Skin soaks up the decadent and therapeutic ingredients sans calories, but with all the benefits. My other RICA faves are the Lavender + Pink Rose Tub Salts with mineral-rich bathing brine and the deeply exfoliating Clementine Body Polish.


RICA products are inspired by a history of southern family beauty recipes dating back to the owner’s great, great grandmother, fondly known as “Big Mama,” who used fresh farmland ingredients to make healthy + effective beauty products. RICA products include natural ingredients that maintain this time-honored tradition of healing through nature and old-fashioned simplicity. RICA products are fresh-made to order, daily (not pulled from an inventory), in Brooklyn, NY. Mixed farm-to-vanity style with organic and local grown ingredients (when possible) and sourced from the farms of Long Island’s North Fork.

Free of synthetic preservatives, colorants, parabens, sulfates or petroleum, everything is USA made in a Gowanus, Brooklyn studio which houses RICA’s production facility and showroom. The company is now run by Kristina Ivy, her husband, Ben and a small staff including Emily, Jessica, Nicole and Alex. They mix, pack and ship hundreds of units daily to stores and customers all over the world — with the kitchen table as the corporate HQ.


Dr. Kristina Ivy, RICA’s owner, a holistic clinician specializing in women’s health, learned as a little girl growing up in Virginia to look towards nature for calming the mind and soothing the body. Her childhood was influenced by the generations of women in her family who made natural beauty remedies by taking botanicals grown in their rich Virginian soil and mixing them with ingredients from their kitchen.

Her great, great grandmother made perfume by infusing oil with rose and jasmine, she made cornmeal facial masks with honey and she bathed in goat’s milk and sage to improve skin tone. The later generations, including Ivy, continued to use fresh helpings of ingredients from the garden and kitchen for their handmade bath and body recipes.

The women in Ivy’s family have lived well into their 90s — healthy, happy and with beautiful skin. Their anti-aging secret was that they knew how to close the door on daily demands. They found time for bathing rituals, kitchen concoctions in hand. Ivy recalls how they always emerged from the bath, beautiful, moisturized and restored.

What started as a handful of Big Mama’s tried and true recipes, passed from generation to generation, later became Rica’s four core products, and the line has steadily grown into more than 50 skus including candles, home accessories and bath linens. Rica products are inspired by memories of sitting at a kitchen table with loved ones, laughing, mixing and sharing life’s lessons.