Imogene + Willie

a store of handmade goods that’s so Nashville

Nestled in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood (named for the main thoroughfare that runs through it, 12th Avenue S), Imogene + Willie is one of those quintessentially Nashville spots that show you a whole new side of the honky-tonk heaven you thought you knew. Though owners Carrie and Matt have known each other since childhood, it wasn’t until 2009 that they founded Imogene + Willie, amidst losing their jobs, travels with friends, and a dream they couldn’t quite shake.

Now, nearly 10 years later, Imogene + Willie (named for their first women’s and men’s denim designs, respectively) is housed in an old service station in one of Nashville’s trendiest neighborhoods. Surrounded by other local shops, restaurants, and bars — and sometimes hosting the cutest flower truckyou ever did see — Imogene + Willie seems to be the anchor of this street that’s drawing more crowds by the year. From men’s and women’s fashion to textiles and home accessories, Imogene + Willie is much more than a gas station gimmick.

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