americana in all the right ways, this store "does dishes"

What’s in a name? Well, for New York boutique Fishs Eddy, a lot actually. Named for an upstate New York town with the same name, this NYC shop is nothing short of incredible. It’s a true amalgamation of anything and everything that makes American craftsmanship what it is: durable, (mostly) sensible, and oh so unique. From their original creations to curated collections by makers large and small, Fishs Eddy has whatever you need to have an insanely amazing (or amazingly insane) dinner party.

Fishs Eddy (the store, not the town) was founded in the mid-80s by Julie Gaines and David Lenovitz, who sold vintage restaurant dishware they bought from a barn owner they happened upon. For the past 25 years, they’ve been “doing dishes,” which means collecting vintage wares and designing their own. And while they all perfectly in the aesthetic they’ve mastered in a quarter of a century, we can’t imagine them not fitting perfectly into anyone’s home—no matter your style.

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