Beach Chic

How To Easily (And Affordably!) Add A Beach Vibe Into Your Own Home

Here’s the takeaway —
1) Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.
2) When hitting the clearance sections, keep in mind that quality is key — no matter what the price. In other words, don’t buy it just because it’s cheap.
3) Come up with a color palette BEFORE you shop. This helps me avoid becoming completely overwhelmed in the never-ending aisles of deals.
4) Buy what makes you happy regardless of brand recognition.

If you’re interested in the products I featured on the Fox2 segment, here are the details:
Decorative Pillows — $14.99-$19.99 each from Home Goods
Lamps — $19.99 each from Home Goods
Wall Art (ocean waves on canvas in background) — $59.99 from Home Goods
Orchid — $68 + 25% discount for MPB Insiders from twigs & MOSS
White Earthenware Lantern by Opalhouse — $19.99 from Target
Glass Hurricane and Blue Vase by Opalhouse — $14.99 each from Target
Removable Wallpaper by Opalhouse — $29.99 from Target
Throw Rugs — $14.99 each from Home Goods
Decorative Pouf (on floor) — $49.99 from Home Goods
Diffuser in Bleu — $88 from MPB Shop