The Margeaux Jacket

When I stare at my closet and legit feel I have nothing to wear, I inevitably grab a tuxedo jacket. Throw it on with jeans or a dress, and my wardrobe woes disappear. This one from Rat and Boa is cut from textured silk style robe and falls somewhere between jacket and robe (even better). Slouchy and sexy when worn open or sleek and sophisticated when belted, the Margeaux is the right fix for fashion frustration.

About the brand:

Friends, Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett have collaborated over the past few years to bring you a clothing brand that represents themselves. Weaving together their contrasting style and personalities, Rat & Boa was born out of a desire to create pieces that are missing from your wardrobe; attire that is wearable, eclectic, sexy and fun.

Channelling their creative energy and imagination, Rat & Boa is a voice for their vision. Inspired by their shared adventures, they work closely together translating their ideas into unique designs.

Rat & Boa is for the bold, the spirited and the experimental; it provides statement items to express yourself, from the inside out. With a strong focus on styling and imagery, every picture tells their story. A testimony to their friendship, Rat & Boa is a meeting of minds, a lifestyle and a labour of love.

Slouchy and sexy when worn open or sleek and sophisticated when belted.

— NB

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