LPA Twist Front Dress

LPA is like candy to me. Need a fix, sugar boost, shot of color — LPA has it covered. The LA-based fashion label creates go-to pieces that let you embrace trends without breaking the bank. A wrap dress with kimono sleeves that’s covered in sequin embellishments — sign me up.

About the brand:

On November 12, 1986, in Pasadena, California, a little brown eyed brown haired girl came into our lives. She was a “surprise” baby, and she has continued to surprise us ever since!

Pia had a big personality from the start, always beating to her own drum. Join Brownies? No way, she was the only one in her class not to partake. She’s also always been super outgoing, very mature, bright and verbal from an early age and incredibly decisive, which I think has served her well regarding her style.

She went through an early teen grunge period – so unpleasant from my end –  yet I knew it was temporary and part of her expansion into who she would become.  In her room, we allowed her free expression to draw on her walls and hang posters and lamps and various decor – I knew I could always paint over it later.

She was into clothing early on. When she entered high school and got her drivers license then all hell broke loose – she got a job to make money so she could drive into Hollywood and shop on her own.

She was accepted to about 10 colleges but when it came down to having to choose, she suddenly decided that she wanted to go to Parsons School of Design in New York City, where, by the way, she had NOT applied. So, 11 years ago on August 2,2005, we put our “baby” on a plane to NYC to an empty apt and one friend…her roommate. We both cried for a year. The distance was hard, but her loneliness and difficulty adjusting was even harder.

Pia remained in New York for eight years, during which time she had just about every job under the sun. She waitressed during college in addition to her internships and assistant jobs. She blogged and used her spending money taking photos with her film cameras, as she refused to buy a digital camera like everyone else. “I’m training myself to have a good eye!” she would say. We would call, she would be busy working. We would ask her to come home, she would be busy working. We became concerned at the kind of life she was building, and we kept questioning her career path as it was constantly changing. 12 hour days at People’s Revolution, followed by long nights and working weekends at Reformation. “Come home”, we would say. Her response was always the same, “trust me.” So we did.

In a nutshell, who is Pia? She has a crazy wonderful sense of humor (I missed my sidekick while she was in NY) she’s kind but tough, generous, talented, hard-working, loving. She’s very strong, she doesn’t mess around; she knows exactly what she likes. She is honest, vulnerable, and still occasionally chews with her mouth open…but nobody’s perfect. And most importantly, she still beats to her own drum!

We love you Lara Pia Valentina Garnaes Arrobio!

(written by Lara’s mother for the LPA website)

The LA-based fashion label creates go-to pieces that let you embrace trends without breaking the bank.

— NB

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