A Big Piece of the Pie

Oh, how I love a deal. Stack a bargain with an extreme obsession for beauty products and all my dreams come true at Beauty Pie. Industry expert and Beauty Pie Founder Marcia Kilgore (she started a little thing called Bliss, along with a few other successful startups) knew there had to be a way for beauty lovers to buy luxe products without the sticker shock. Why not take the middle man out, nix that celeb marketing and remove retailer costs? Done.

“Typical industry prices (online or at retail) on luxury cosmetic products can be up to 5X the actual cost of the finished product, fully packaged, boxed, and ready for sale (so you could pay $20 for something that costs $2 to make, or you might pay $300 for something that really costs $30.)” — Beauty Pie

So how does it work? Beauty Pie buys the products directly from the world’s leading labs and packages it for Beauty Pie members. They work with labs from France to Japan and all products are cruelty-free. Members select the plan of choice — $10 per month for $100 spending limit; $20 per month for $200 spending limit, $30 etc., $40 etc. It includes unused limit rollover and you can cancel anytime.

So what to buy? I’ve purchased two shipments and have been thrilled with both the quality of the products and the price. Favorites include:

Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Body Moisture Crème (Made in France), $70 for $13.73. I love how it absorbs quickly, keeps its moisture and it smells heavenly, but not too strong.

Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadowstick (Made in Italy), $26 for $4.10. Goes on like butta and blends much easier than powder shadow.

Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (Made in Switzerland), $85 for $7.73. Serious war paint for my tired eyes. Slow-release retinol microcapsules and moisture-magnetizing hyaluronic acid for the win.

There are plenty of options — every sort of makeup under the sun, hair care, loads of skincare and fragrance (I bought the sampler set of 3 to see which fragrance I liked best and ended up buying the full size of Red Apple, White Peony and Cashmere Wood, $125 for $19.06).

Even better, here’s a link to get your first month FREE.

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